Sunday, June 29, 2014

dansk 8

This blog is becoming more of an art journal for me, which I don't really apologize for. I'm definitely my father's daughter...check his instagram if you need more proof of that. I promise I'll give a real update soon.

Anyway, last week I went to the Statens Museum for Kunst (it's free!) and I was in heaven. Here are some favorites:

Detail from Christ and the Adulteress, Domenico Tintoretto

Detail of Christ from something I forgot to write down...this looks Flemish though, right Al? Dad?

Eight-Part-Piece (Cayuga Salt Mine Project), Robert Smithson (shout out to Spiral Jetty), 1969

Self Portrait, Full Length, Walking, Kurt Trampedach, 1970

Heaps of Light, Kasper Heiberg, 1964

Ugh, I forgot to write down this title too, but I love it and I feel like it belongs in my Grandma Bonnie's house.

This museum just had some stunning spaces

Untitled, Donald Judd, 1989

The Red Castle, Reykjavik, Carl-Henning Pedersen, 1948

Orange-Coloured Object, Egill Jacobsen, 1940

Alcohol, Asger Jorn, 1957 (this guy...)

Pixilated Garden, Asger Jorn, 1966-69

Stormy Sea, Jens S√łndergaard, 1954

The Creation of Eve, Hans Scherfig, 1929

Two Ladies, Harald Giersing, 1922 (this guy too)

A Lady Reading, Harald Giersing, 1922

Ocean and Dark Clouds, Emil Nolde, 1935

Untitled, Troels Wörsel, 1985

Jazz, Henri Matisse, 1947

The First Kiss, Richard Mortensen, 1931

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